OINP - Over Issued Newspaper

Druk Exporting are OINP Exporters from India

OINP - Over Issued Newspaper exported by Druk Exporting Company

OINP arranged neatly in 40ft Container

Druk Exporting also exports OINP, ONP to other countries like Pakistan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Tanzania and Kenya. A 20ft container can carry 17 - 20 MT of OINP depending upon the paper of origin and paper weight. A 40ft can carry 28 MT of OINP.

We have the capacity to supply over 500 MT of OINP per month. Our OINP is is clean and packed in PVC bags so that it can be used genuinely in fruit packaging.

OINP stands for Over Issued Newspapers which are freshly printed newspapers which have not been sold. This problem is very common for printing presses all over the world because newspaper is one unique product that sells immediately. Leftovers are usually recycled or bundled and sold to packaging industries. Most of the OINP usually goes to paper mills where it is used to make good quality Kraft paper and newsprint paper.