Ball Pen Manufacturer in India

Druk Exporting Company - Manufacturers and Exporters of Ball Pens / Direct Fill Pens

Druk Exporting Company is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Ball Pens and Gel pens in India. Ball Pens are also known as Biro pens, Ballpoint pens, Direct Fill Pens.

In the field of Exports, the company is famous by various key terms i.e. Ball Pen Manufacturers in India, Low price pen manufacturer, Ballpens Manufacturer India, Stick pen manufacturer, Ballpoint Pens manufacturer, Pen Manufacturer from Gujarat, Pen Manufacturer from Ahmedabad.

We are a Family Owned Business manufacturing and exporting Writing Instruments i.e Ballpoint pens and Gel pens.

We work with:

  • Importers (outside India)

  • Distributors (outside India)

  • Wholesalers (outside India)

Our Strengths are:

  • 100% Compliant Products manufactured with precision and passion.

  • Experts in DAP, DAT, CFR and CIF Shipments to any location worldwide from any Indian port.

  • Globally Competitive Pricing.

  • We are geographically well connected to serve our foreign customers (located near the biggest Seaports and Airports in South Asia).

Hexa Ball Pen - Druk ExportingHexa Ball Pen - Druk ExportingT35 Ball Pen - Druk Exporting

Our Products:

Our Geographical Location

We are located in Gandhinagar which is 20 kilometers away from Ahmedabad (largest city in Gujarat) and 500 kilometers away from Mumbai (largest city in India and the country's commercial capital). Gujarat is located in the western part of India which borders Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and the Sindh Border of Pakistan.

  • Nearest Seaport is Mundra which is just 300 kilometers in distance from our workplace.

  • Nearest Inland Container Depot is ICD Khodiyar which is 4 kilometers from our workplace.

  • Nearest Air Cargo Terminal is located in Ahmedabad (15 minutes drive from our workplace).