The Popularity of Triangular Shaped Pen Barrels among Middle East and North African Consumers

Article Written by Dipal Gudhka on 25th June 2023

Introduction: The world of stationery has witnessed a myriad of design innovations, but one particular feature that has garnered significant popularity among consumers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is the triangular shaped pen barrel. The distinctive shape of these writing instruments has captivated the attention of individuals across various age groups and professional backgrounds. This article explores the reasons behind the widespread appeal of triangular shaped pen barrels in the MENA region.

Ergonomics and Comfort: One of the primary reasons for the popularity of triangular shaped pen barrels is their ergonomic design. The triangular shape provides a comfortable grip that accommodates the natural contours of the hand. This design feature is particularly beneficial for those who spend extended periods writing or drawing, as it reduces fatigue and strain on the fingers and wrist. The ergonomic benefits of the triangular shape have made these pens a preferred choice for students, professionals, and artists alike, leading to their widespread adoption.

Cultural Significance: The popularity of triangular shaped pen barrels in the MENA region can also be attributed to cultural factors. Calligraphy and handwriting have a rich tradition in this part of the world, with a profound emphasis on aesthetics and beauty. The triangular shape of the pen barrel offers a sense of balance and elegance, enhancing the overall writing experience. Many individuals in the MENA region view writing as an art form, and the use of a triangular pen barrel adds an element of sophistication to their craft.

Symbolism and Tradition: In some cultures within the MENA region, the triangle holds symbolic meaning. It is often associated with concepts such as stability, harmony, and unity. The adoption of triangular shaped pen barrels may, therefore, be seen as a reflection of these cultural values. Furthermore, the triangular shape evokes imagery of pyramids and architectural marvels that are prevalent in the region's history. The use of triangular pens can be seen as a nod to this rich heritage and a way to connect with the past.

Marketing and Consumer Preference: The marketing strategies employed by pen manufacturers have also played a crucial role in the popularity of triangular shaped pen barrels. Companies catering to the MENA market have recognized the demand for these pens and have responded by offering a wide range of options. They have effectively promoted the ergonomic benefits, cultural symbolism, and tradition associated with the triangular shape. This targeted marketing has resulted in increased consumer awareness and preference for these pens, further fueling their popularity.

Conclusion: The triangular shaped pen barrel has carved a significant niche in the MENA region, capturing the imagination of consumers across different walks of life. Its ergonomic design, cultural significance, and marketing efforts have all contributed to its widespread appeal. As individuals in the region continue to embrace the art of writing and seek comfortable and aesthetically pleasing tools, it is likely that the popularity of triangular shaped pen barrels will endure.

The Surprising Resilience of Pens: Affordable and in High Demand 

Article Written by Dipal Gudhka on 22nd June 2023


In an era dominated by digital alternatives, the enduring presence of pens in our lives may seem unexpected. However, not only are pens becoming increasingly affordable, but they also continue to experience a rising demand. This article explores the paradox of pens: how they are getting cheaper while still capturing the attention of consumers in a world saturated with digital technologies.

Remarkably, the cost of pens has been steadily decreasing in recent years. This phenomenon can be attributed to a variety of factors. Advancements in manufacturing techniques, such as mass production and streamlined processes, have significantly reduced production costs. Additionally, globalization has allowed companies to take advantage of lower labor costs by outsourcing manufacturing to countries with competitive advantages in terms of affordability. As a result, consumers now have access to a wide range of pens at more affordable price points.

Despite the proliferation of digital alternatives, the demand for pens remains strong. This can be attributed to several key factors. Firstly, pens offer a tangible and personal writing experience that cannot be replicated by digital devices. The act of physically putting pen to paper engages our senses, fosters creativity, and facilitates better retention of information. Many individuals still prefer the familiarity and simplicity of pen and paper for note-taking, journaling, and brainstorming.

Secondly, pens continue to serve essential purposes in various professional, educational, and personal settings. They are indispensable tools for signing legal documents, completing forms, and creating physical records. The reliability and accessibility of pens make them suitable for a wide range of situations, including areas where digital technology may be impractical, such as outdoor environments or during power outages.

In an increasingly digital world, the human connection and personal expression facilitated by pens hold significant value. Handwritten letters, personalized messages, and thoughtful gifts carry a sense of intimacy and authenticity that electronic communications struggle to match. Pens allow individuals to leave their mark on the world in their own unique style, enhancing the emotional and personal aspects of communication.

While digital technologies have undeniably revolutionized the way we communicate and organize information, a balanced approach that incorporates both digital and analog tools is becoming increasingly popular. Many individuals recognize the benefits of using digital devices for efficiency, organization, and quick access to information. However, they also acknowledge the value of pens for creativity, personal reflection, and the development of critical thinking skills.


In an era of digital dominance, the decreasing cost of pens stands as a testament to the resilience of this traditional tool. Pens not only continue to hold a prominent place in our lives but are experiencing a rising demand. As they become more affordable, pens provide individuals with an accessible means of personal expression, creative exploration, and reliable note-taking. The tangible connection to our thoughts and the physical act of writing on paper offer a unique experience that digital alternatives struggle to replicate. In this age of convergence, where digital and analog coexist, pens are a reminder that simplicity and personal touch remain significant in our ever-evolving world.

Ball Pen manufacturers in India - A historical analysis and the prediction of the future

Article Written by Dipal Gudhka on 29th May 2020

Ball Pens have been in use in India ever since they were invented. The first people to introduce them in India were none other than the British who imported Biro pens to be sold here in India in return for hefty profits. Looking at the way the British were converting every asset and commodity into a profit making opportunity, Mahatma Gandhi in 1921 decided to approach Kosuri Venkat Ratnam who hailed from Rajahmundry town in Andhra Pradesh to make an everyday usable product like a pen in India. K V Ratnam was a jeweler and Mahatma Gandhi knew that a jeweler's skill could be put to use in other creative pursuits. K V Ratnam did what he was advised, he left for Chennai where he would seek help from the founders of the Andhra Scientific  Company, they were importers of instruments during the colonial period. With the help of Andhra Scientific Company, K V Ratnam would eventually reverse engineer the imported fountain pen.

By 1933, K V Ratnam had developed a 100% Indian made pen but it took Mr Ratnam over two years to convince Mahatma Gandhi that the pen was 100% Indian made. Mahatma Gandhi sent one of his secretaries to inspect the factory of K V Ratnam and confirm whether no imported element was used in the making of the pen. The secretary was fully convinced and so was Mahatma Gandhi which led to Mahatma Gandhi using the pen until his death in 1948.

The first ball pen was manufactured in Rajkot in 1962 which was much later after India achieved to get independence. Dhirajlal Mohanlal Joshi was a businessman who together with Formulabs Inc (California, USA) set up a factory to produce ball pens. It took a lot of paperwork and bureaucracy to get this venture started because back then India was a socialist country with the aspirations of being self dependent. But we lacked in pen manufacturing technology, our ink was not up to the mark and neither did we have the capability of producing nibs and tips which are essential for pens. American assistance was needed in many areas of Indian manufacturing.

In the 1970s, many pen manufacturers began to emerge in India as Businessmen began to form strategic partnerships with Japanese in plastic technology and the importation of tips from Germany. This is when the Indian Pen Industry truly started with professional aspirations. By 1992, Indians had developed their first indigenous pen tips. This was indeed a victory in it's own way because after this India became one of the manufacturing bases for pens and an export powerhouse. A lot of pens were exported in the periods between 1992 and 2006.

Druk Exporting Company was set up in 2016, with the mission of providing quality products to the world. Our ball pens and gel pens are top class in quality and  are at par with any other top brand in market.

A fascinating story on Gel Pens

Article Written by Dipal Gudhka on 13th May 2020

The historical backdrop of gel pens may not appear the most intriguing subject. Truth be told, this thing is so ordinarily utilized all through the world; it tends to be anything but difficult to overlook the causes of such a basic bit of gear. In any case, gel pens have assisted with upsetting the manner in which we impart, and have an intriguing history which starts from Japan. Today they are utilized for different purposes, for example, making shopping records, composing messages and cards for loved ones, and filling in significant reports. They regularly take into consideration considerably more point by point composing whilst writing. 

Gel pens were first utilized in Japan during the 1980s. Before this, the ballpoint pen had gotten progressively well known, which incorporated a ball component that kept ink from spilling onto the bit of paper. The working of the gel pen is very similar to the ballpoint pens, in that it incorporates an ink store. Gel pens have various sizes, and incorporate pen tips that are estimated in millimeters. Smaller tips are around 0.18 mm in size, with bigger tips ranging around 1.5 mm. 

Gel pens are famous with youngsters, who like to utilize the pens to make artworks at home and school. The pens are accessible in a wide scope of tones, and take into account more robustness than ordinary ballpoint pens, with an ink that is gleaming and streams onto the paper. They are likewise well known with craftsmen and graphic content creators. The pens permit them to explore different avenues regarding intense and energetic tones, and can even be utilized on darker paper. 

Gel pens make a strong line and can even used to compose on a few non-absorbent materials. Care must be taken not to smirch the ink when utilizing a gel pen, because the ink doesn't dry right away. The ink is likewise a lot wetter than a ballpoint pen, however less averse to "seep" through the paper like a more seasoned style ink pen or fountain pen may do. 

The gel of the pen is produced using biopolymers, for example, tragacanth gum and thickener, just as water. Gel pens permit the author to control the progression of ink on the page, and frequently come in parcels of a few distinct hues. They regularly incorporate a top, which is utilized to make sure about the pen and to prevent ink from spilling. Other gel pens incorporate finger grasps, which give security to the hands when composing. These pens are savvy and simple to utilize. 

Druk Exporting is one of the world's driving producers of gel pens. The organization have a wide scope of these sorts of pens, in different hues and sizes. You will likewise have the option to buy bigger arrangements of pens, which could set aside you cash over the long haul - perfect on the off chance that you need a few pens to use in the workplace or in a school domain. Just as gel pens, the organization additionally has some expertise in ballpoint pens and pen tops off.

The art and science of finding the perfect ball pen

Article Written by Dipal Gudhka on 7th May 2020

Possessing an unrivaled quality composing instrument is a fantasy for each essayist. A top notch ball pen improves the excellence and allure of even a bit of standard composition or inventive work by jumps and bound. In the case of concealing with a pen, making a building structure or composing a basic passage, the immaculate strokes from the ideal ball pen make certain to make the paper a treat for the eyes.The perfect ball pen composes like a fantasy and furthermore keeps the pockets of its proprietor glad. In this way, for individuals looking for the correct ball pen, the accompanying focuses must be remembered while choosing their fantasy composing instrument. 

A decent pen is one that gives a productive and successful composing experience to its client. Be it a ball pen with a metal body or a plastic outside, a great pen consistently has an incredible completion and feel. Its size is with the end goal that it fits consummately between the thumb and the pointer of the author. This gives the essayist a total hold of the pen which is indispensable in delivering a perfect and lovely composition. 

Normal ball point pens contain ink that exhausts quickly making composition with such pens a very disappointing undertaking for the essayist. The undertaking of supplanting these ink refills consistently isn't just tedious yet costly as well. A great ball pen then again basically contains a durable ink top off that makes certain to make a long a continuous, bother free and financially savvy composing experience for the client. 

Ball pens come in different sizes and with various composing tips. Be that as it may, the composing nib of the correct ball pen consistently creates great, even, smooth and scratch free composition for the client. Prevalent quality ink and a firm grasp of the pen are fundamental with the expectation of complimentary streaming and undisturbed composition. 

Ball pen clients frequently face the chaotic issue of ink aggregation on the composing tip of the normal pen. These ink spots make the reviewing upsetting as well as end dirtying the hands, garments, and so on of the client. Likewise, a ton of ink is squandered all the while and the life expectancy of the ink cartridge gets abbreviated. A decent ball pen then again consistently contains top notch, free streaming and quick drying ink that makes certain to deliver a long, smirch free, spot free and clean composing experience for the authors.

The reason for the unshrinking popularity of Direct fill pens

Article Written by Dipal Gudhka on 7th May 2020

Even though we live in unprecedented times where digitization has taken over many worldly aspects, it is difficult to think of a day when we never use a pen. The consumption of pens has increased and is at a stage never seen in the past, we can safely say that there are 'pen fans' in the world. Undoubtedly, the cost of a writing pen is not high and nor does it take up much maintenance and care, and for those reasons it makes every workplace able to offer their customers with a pen for their signing needs. Direct Fill Pens have become a forerunner in the segment of mass consumed pens. What is the reason for such an immense interest of these easy to utilize pens? Do peruse on for the details...

Brisk Drying-Writing with Direct Fill Pens does not require immense pressure and neither is the composition untidy. In actuality, the ink dries totally even before the cap is topped and returned to it's legitimate spot.

Very Tidy-An unmistakable preferred position of picking a direct fill pen is its nature of not spilling ink. You can securely store it in your purse or inside your pocket without an idea. There is definitely no reason to be stressed over awkward smears on your fingers or shirt. 

Cheap- You don't need to reconsider before getting one. It is gigantically reasonable and worth keeping helpful in places available to the overall population. Most workplaces will in general get them in mass from a respectable pen maker. They are considered as office stationary with minimal to low maintenance.

Durable- They are generally dependable particularly in this way, on the off chance that you use it sparingly. You may really wind up utilizing the equivalent direct fill pen for a considerable length of time with no indication of the ink being drained. Selecting to get it from a rumored produce makes it doubly invaluable as the quality make and usefulness props it up for long.

Writing Faster with ball pens

Article Written by Dipal Gudhka on 7th May 2020

Numerous individuals who despite everything appreciate cursive handwriting will in general have two arrangements of pens: a mark pen and a working pen. Your mark and the couple of individual notes you keep in touch with your loved ones are the most significant words you compose, so you need a decent pen with a medium or wide point, ideally in blue shading so your working stands apart from duplicates.

There's greater adaptability in picking a working pen, yet viewing that you use it intensely on a daily basis, it should offer certain characteristics. It is suggested that you pick of the correct sort and point size that feels generally great for you. Numerous individuals find that ballpoint pens are the best for taking notes, since you can compose littler and accomplish more from a solitary page. 

On the off chance that your handwriting is small in size, you ought to get a fine point. However, the greater and quicker you like to compose, the more you should move to medium or broad points that empower quicker flow of ink. 

Here are a couple of things that influence how quick you compose: 

Tip rubbing and weight: There are a few pens that delay paper more than others, expanding contact, lessening your composing speed, and expanding wrist strain. Modest pens that use thick ink and expect you to apply all the more descending weight are the most exceedingly terrible, on the grounds that the more power you have to apply to compose, the sooner you will debilitate your muscles. In case you're depleted, you can't compose as quick as you need to. 

Line thickness: Pens with thick tips (0.7 – 0.9mm) are commonly simpler to compose with, however they encourage graceless/huge strokes. Then again, pens with more slender tips require less descending weight, making it simpler for you to compose. You're additionally ready to compose littler, with progressively definite letters. 

Holding Grip: The more agreeable you are when holding your pen, the quicker you can compose. An agreeable grasp gives you great structure, better method, and quicker composing speeds. Pens with more extensive barrels and cushioned grasps are simpler to hold, however they additionally don't constrain your fingers to crush around a minor barrel. 

Servicing: Any kind of modest, non-marked pen is bound to glitch. You have most likely had one of these, attempting to jot like insane to get the pen working. Utilizing a superior pen will set aside you time and cash. Additionally, never utilize your pen on wet white-out on the grounds that it will stop up the tip of your pen. 

Ballpoint pens are the most moderate and least demanding pens to utilize (smirch free), yet they are not as quick as fountain pens, except if you're utilizing Druk Exporting pens. They are interestingly intended for ultra-smooth composition, yet they likewise include a rubber treated hold, so you can compose as quick as you have to.

Direct Fill Ball Pens give fineness, precision and pace in writing

Article Written by Dipal Gudhka on 4th May 2020

Direct Fill Pens have revolutionized our writing aspects and as of today are among the mainstream writing instruments on the planet. Direct fill pens take into consideration more precision when composing, and can be utilized to fill in significant reports, write letters to others, or be utilized when composing on marks, labels, and banners. The ink is like that of a fountain pen, albeit direct fill pens are significantly more practical to use.

The ink utilized in these pens contains a pigment allowing for more noteworthy selection of colors. That is the reason they are widely used in artistic endeavors such as rounding out birthday cards or composing labels for present boxes.Not a great deal of pressure is expected to control the pen - rather the client can compose effectively and rapidly as the hand is not strained from pressure. The pen is additionally agreeable to compose with, and permits the client to compose more remarkably.

Some direct fill pens are simple to utilize, and financially inexpensive - there's no need to refill, simply use them once and afterward discard them. These pens are accessible in various colors and can be utilized to create art projects, note down shopping records, or filling in cards to loved ones. Care should be taken with some direct fill pens to guarantee that the ink doesn't smudge on the page. The ink utilized in certain pens may take more time to dry when contrasted with the ballpoint pen.

Direct fill pens can be bought individually or as a part of a stationery set. These pens may work out to be less expensive when purchasing in mass, particularly when contrasted with the cost of buying these things separately. They regularly contain a top on the pen, which secures the pen when it isn't being utilized. Other direct fill pens have an elastic hold, which ensures the hand when the individual is composing. Sizes range from fill pens with fine tips (0.6 mm) to pens with medium tips (1.0 mm).

Druk Exporting Company is one of the driving producers of direct fill pens. In addition to direct fill pens and pen refills, the company specializes in ball point pens and gel pens, all given at competitive prices.