Gel Pens

Initially developed in the 1980s, Gel pens have steadily increased in popularity due to the smooth writing experience provided. The pen is very similar to a ball pen with the only difference being in the ink composition. The Gel pen ink is made from water and biopolymers such as xanthan gum, and for that reason it has a higher viscosity than oil based ink making it ideal for glossy and dark writing surfaces. Druk Exporting is proud to offer a wide variety of gel pens.

Our Gel Pens varieties have been exhibited as follows:

NB: All our Ball Pen Designs can be converted into Gel Pens. But for the purpose of showcasing we have displayed Gel Pen products independently.

Action Gel Pen - Druk Exporting

Action Gel Pen

Arjuna Gel Pen - Druk Exporting

Arjuna Gel Pen

Magma Gel Pen - Druk Exporting

Magma Gel Pen

Max Gel Pen - Druk Exporting

Max Gel Pen

Retro Gel Pen - Druk Exporting

Retro Gel Pen

AQ Gel Pen - Druk Exporting

AQ Gel Pen

Product Specifications:

Parent Brand: Orion Pens

Tip Type: NSTC 0.6mm / 0.7mm / 1.0mm (NSTC Tips are non corrosive)

Ink Shelf Life: 2 years

Available Ink Colors: Blue, Black, Red, Green and Orange

Length of Ball pen: 150mm

Ink Quantity: Can write up to 2000 meters

Packing, Loading and Delivery Time:

Packing: 50pc box X 20 boxes X 4 cartons i.e 4000 pens in a master carton

Container Capacity: 1.2 Million pens (20ft) & 3.2 Million pens (40ft HQ)

Minimum Order Quantity: 300,000 pens per design

Delivery Time: 25 Days (FOB)